Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Running for fun

I started running a couple of years ago to lose weight. Now when I started I was about 40lbs over-weight.  I found that while I was feeling better physically, I also gain an inner peace. I felt good on the outside and felt good on the inside so I started running father and farther. After a while it was no big deal for me to log up to 50 miles in a week.

Well I was doing all my running on a tread mill and that was ok, but I started getting bored. So I moved my runs to the outside world. My first problem was keeping track of the miles I was logging, so I started using the Nike+. It worked pretty good for a while and I used on of the built in training programs to help me get ready for my first 1/2 marathon. It was really good for the coaching and if you get some of the Nike+ music mixes from ITunes then the running just gets better. You need an IPod and the Nike+ equipment to get going. If you have an IPod then the Nike+ components will cost you about $59 for the band.  Here is the link to the Nike+ running stuff. The only complaint I had was that it wasn't dead on accurate and the website was a little crappy.

I have switched to a free Android App from Adidas called micoach. It has a great website and great training tools. The best thing is that it uses the GPS in my phone and is super accurate. Now I am no longer running 50 miles a week. I am lucky if we get 15 miles in a week, but we are doing it for some alone time and just to stay active. Here is the link to the Adidas products that go with micoach.

Running or walking is a great way to get some private time with your spouse because the kids usually don't want to go.

I love my wife.

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